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Rebirth Placenta & Vitamin E (RB02) 100g
• most popular placenta cream in Australia (Suitable for 20 years+)
• Anti wrinkle - small molecule easy to absorb
• Sheep Placenta contains vitamins and mineral good for skin
• reduces scar and freckles
• suitable for day cream

Rebirth Emu Anti Wrinkle Cream (RB03) 100g
• Reduces wrinkle and whitens the skin in the same time
• Liposomes carry ingredients & penetrate deeply into the skin
• 24 hr time release, suitable for night cream

Rebirth Lanolin & Vitamin E (RB01) 100g
• lanolin cream for young customer (12-25)
• for hands, elbows, knees and shaving cream for men
• Vit E helps promoting blood circulation.