Rebirth 7 differences
1. Market leader in Placenta range products
. Pioneer in unique formulation "Duo Portion'93"since1993
. Export to over 25 countries around the world
. Over 3,000,000 jars of placenta products sold worldwide

2. Highest quality & money back guarantee
. GMP (Rebirth vitamins & supplement)
. Halal certification
. 100% money back guarantee (14days)

3. International brand with affordable price
. Retail price start from A$4.00
. Suitable for tourist's gift

4. Australian inspired natural skin care

. Plant extract and essential oils eg Tea tree, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Lavender, Rose
. Australian Placenta extract, Pure emu oil, Australian manuka honey and Propolis

5. Established market distribution channel
. Major airports and duty free in Australia
. Supply to over 300 retail outlets in Australia

6. Rebirth - We grow with you
. Fast & friendly service, flexible to suit your need
. We help you to grow when you start to supply our products
. Shelf, brochure, catalog and free sample available
. Advertise in Airport travel guide magazine & major Korean, Japanses, Chinese, Thai and Indonesian Newspapers

7. Donation 1% of Rebirth net profit to Australian Koala foundation
. To maintain and increase Koala population in Australia